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How to Market to Boomers Post-Pandemic

Think Baby Boomers are technophobes? Think again. Post-pandemic healthcare trends indicate that individuals born between 1946 and 1964 are as savvy to and hungry for digital healthcare as younger generations. Here are four ways your healthcare marketing can change to meet their changing needs. Boomers are receptive to telehealth options — up to a point. Widely preferring video and phone appointments to text and email, Boomers respond best to messaging made for them. That means more facetime (v

Healthcare Marketing Trends to Know in 2022

Consumers have more choices and more information than ever before. And, they know their power—if your organization doesn't meet their needs, they will take their business elsewhere. Fast. Here are three things to remember when planning your marketing strategy for 2022. According to McKinsey & Company, telehealth usage has stabilized at 38 times its pre-pandemic levels. Telehealth is here to stay. Why? Because it's convenient and efficient, and that's exactly what healthcare consumers are lo

3 Strategies for Recruiting Healthcare Workers

The job market is especially competitive right now. There are more open positions than candidates. With frontline medical workers in high demand, hiring within the healthcare industry is only getting tougher. According to recruiting and hiring experts at Glassdoor, on average, it costs $4,000 and takes 24 days to hire a U.S. employee. These numbers can add up fast when you have an abundance of positions to fill. Here are three strategies you can use to drive down costs, speed up timelines, and

Are Your Healthcare Marketing Campaigns Working? How to Tell

What's your number one goal as a healthcare marketer? To attract and retain patients. While some new patients may find your practice organically, most patients (and therefore most of your revenue) will be captured as a result of well-planned marketing campaigns. Healthcare marketing campaigns usually fall into one of two camps. Lead generation (lead gen) campaigns produce new consumers (patients) through new appointments, new site visitors, or more contact info captures. Brand awareness

5 Must-haves for Landing Pages that Convert

Whether your goal is to inspire consumers to schedule an appointment, complete a registration, or enroll with your organization, a designated landing page is an important marketing tool. Landing pages create the bridge between consumer interest and consumer action. For example, if a potential patient is researching orthopedic services online, your appointment scheduler landing page can serve as the connector between a web search that leads them to your services and their first visit with one of

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10 things you can do to make your website content mobile-friendly

What device are you using to read this blog post? If the answer is a tablet or smartphone, you’re in the majority. Most consumers access digital content via mobile devices. Since 2015, more Google searches have occurred on mobile than desktop, and the rate increases every year. Not to mention, there are more mobile-only users than desktop-only users. So, what does this mean for you? That it’s more important than ever to make your website mobile-friendly. Making your content accessible to your c

The (patient) reviews are in. Online ratings are a must.

Do you remember the last time you looked for a restaurant? A new hairstylist? Someone to make a few repairs around your home? You may have asked a friend for a recommendation, or you may have decided to do your own research. More and more, people are utilizing the same process to find medical providers — asking for referrals and reading patient reviews. That’s great news for your organization. Personal referrals and online patient reviews are two of the best (free) marketing tactics available —

12 questions to ask when choosing a CMS for your healthcare website

If your healthcare organization is making changes to your website or looking to improve the digital patient experience, few decisions matter more than choosing the right health content management system (CMS). A CMS is a software solution that stores digital content. Your website pages, photos, features and workflows are all part of your web CMS. And, while all CMS are editable and most are intuitive, a healthcare content management system is unique. It deserves special consideration for a few

Listen up! 20+ healthcare podcasts to add to your queue

Between 700,000 and 1 million podcasts are available for download and streaming right now. And yes, that’s a lot! So, when it comes to finding healthcare podcasts, the amount of available audio content might feel overwhelming. Here’s some good news. We’ve read and listened and curated to aggregate the best healthcare podcasts for you, so you can spend less time scrolling and more time listening. When you do become a listener, you’ll be in good company — approximately 80 million Americans are w

You’ve merged your brand voice. What about your website content?

Congratulations! You’re part of a successful merger and acquisition, your strategic partnership is underway, and you’ve unified your brand’s design, voice, and logos. The hard part is over, right? Well, not quite. As you surely know, a marketer’s work is never done. Now that your marketing and creative teams have developed a consistent brand voice, it’s time to dive into your brand’s content and use your new brand voice to merge two websites. Whether you’re creating one new website from two or